Strawberry parfait mobile recipe app

Daily UI #040 - Recipe

recipe app mockup rose gold iphone

I use my phone a lot for cooking. The most irratating thing for me is having to switch from the directions tab to the ingredients tab whenever I need to know how much of an ingredient to add. It's tedious to have to re-find your spot each time you switch tabs, particularly if there are a lot of ingredients.

So, in this design, all ingredients in the directions section are highlighted in a different color. This allows you to quickly see the ingredients involved in each step (very useful). Tapping on each ingredient pops up with exactly how much of that ingredient you need – no need to switch back to the ingredients tab every time.

You can also swipe left to hide a step once you're finished with it, reducing clutter on your screen and making it easy to immediately see what step you're up to when you come back to the app.

recipe app screen 1
recipe app screen 2
recipe app screen 3
recipe app screen 4
recipe app mockup
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